Bathtubs can be really beautiful when you get the right ones. You likely see it every note and then on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram looking all shiny and inviting.

Bathtubs come in a variety of designs. It might be a charming claw foot tub, a freestanding tub in front of a window with incredible views, even regular bathtubs don’t look bad when you have it all set up with scintillating candles. It might even start playing on your mind to replace the shower in your bathroom with one of these bathtubs. If you are at this stage, then you have got some huge decisions to make. We are going to be giving you information that will guard your choice with regard to this.

To start with, the renovation of the bathroom as part of a home can cost as much as $10,000. However, you can rest assured that the whole move is worth the pay. An important question you might want to ask is this

What level of satisfaction will you derive from the move?

How much value will it add to your home in the absolute sense?

Is a bathtub actually more fitting compared to an open shower?

What other options are open to me in between a shower and a bathtub?

Speaking of bathroom affairs, there are three basic options open to users. The first one is a standalone shower, which only allows users to stand on their feet whenever they are taking their bath in the bathroom. The second option is that of a freestanding tub while the last of them all is a shower-tub combo, which allows for a bathtub function as well as a stand and bath function.

To understand the choice of people on a general note concerning these three options, it is important that we look back to what was widely acceptable many years ago. Some 25 years ago, big whirlpool tubs were the most acceptable bathroom setting among people in Biloxi and the United States of America at large. Usually, it is designed to be accompanied by a smaller shower stall. However, that trend was not so sustainable. Many homeowners decided to go for a shower-tub combo in a bid to save space and create a more efficient bathroom that still had both options.

Fast forward to what is obtainable today; it is not so hard to see that a separate shower and soaking tub are much more desirable for today’s homeowners. This trend has gone through some vital sequence of turning points over time and has been influenced by different design trends

One major reason jetted tubs (a major bathtubs production company in the United States many years ago) fell out of popularity after the ’90s is that people realized they weren’t using them as much as they’d imagined. Comparing the situation then and now. One significant difference between then and now is that there was no social media post or advert running on the screens of users every other day, thereby playing into their subconsciousness and making them treat the bathtub as necessary. Probably, another thing that could have dampened their enthusiasm for the bathtub is the stress that came with cleaning it up.

Ignoring the tub option, does it necessarily downgrade your home?

In many homes, tubs are seen as a symbol of luxury. This is not absolutely true. You can still choose to install a shower and model your bathroom in a stylish and fitting manner. Trust the best hands in interior designs to be able to do this perfectly.

One thing that worries individuals who want to fix a bathtub is that it might affect the house’s resale value negatively. If this is your fear, there is a solution to that. It is suggested that you put the plumbing in place for a tub, even if it means hiding the facility behind the wall. That way, a buyer who wants one can easily add it to the design after he must have acquired the building.

Things to keep in mind when installing a bathtub.

If you are bent on the installation of a bathtub, there are a few suggestions for you. These suggestions are tailored towards helping you make choices that would ease the usage of your bathtub after you must have installed it. It will also make you cut down on unnecessary spending.

It would be best if you consider the following key factors;

  • Tub size
  • Tub shape
  • Walls and corners of the bathroom 
  • Core materials 
  • Finishing materials etc.
Opting for the best option.

Reports have it that there is a surge in demand for a more closed-in shower when compared to the traditional one. If you have anyone with special needs in your house (elderly ones or the disabled) and your bathroom renovation option is the shower, then large open showers (especially those with a built-in bench) will be a good idea. It will make it easier for them to step into the shower. Better still, it will make it easy for those taking care of them to get them into the shower for a bath.

Homes with two bathrooms are at an advantage.

If your home has a minimum of two bathrooms, you can decide to assign each one to different uses. You might choose to assign one to visitors and one for home use. Better still, you can make the renovation of one fit into the needs of the elderly or infirm (if you have them at home). All these are done assuming you are financially capable of setting it up.


It’s not up to us to tell you to go for a tub or shower. We can only tell you the advantages and disadvantages of these two bathroom settings, and that is what has just been addressed. It is up to you to make a decision. There are several home interior experts in Biloxi who can help you with your bathroom renovation. You do well to look out for the best hands.

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